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Inspire | 52 Fridays: 44

Inspire | 52 Fridays: 44

It’s Halloween time in my studio today.

Tonight I’ll be photographing a few hundred Liberty kids during Trick-or-Treating for my 4th year in a row. I love seeing all the costumes & seeing familiar faces.

Anyway, I had posted during week 33 that I didn’t think our pumpkins would last until this night. Even though these were all picked on September 1st, I’m happy to say that I got to use our homegrown pumpkins for these!

Not a very thought provoking photo today for my brother & my 52 project, but it’s the nature I had this Friday & so that’s that!

I’ll have a post up on Sunday showing a few of my favorite costumes & talk about the night!

Week 44 | The Pumpkins Survived:
Inspire | 52 Fridays: 44

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