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Inspire | 52 Fridays: 45

Inspire | 52 Fridays: 45

This was my first week completely & totally forgetting to take a nature photo. (I came close to forgetting during week 31.)

That doesn’t mean I didn’t get one. Just that I had to do a bit of selective cropping to come up with something for today.

This is week 45…you’d think it would be ingrained in my head by now that Friday means a nature photo.

My problem this week was I had a friend visiting and she left today & the only photos I took were of her before she continued on her road trip. With a bit of cropping, our background became my nature photo for this project.

And you’ll note that there are still a few leaves left on the trees.

Week 45 | The Trees Behind:
Inspire | 52 Fridays: 45

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