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Project Life 2013 – 3.25-4.07

Project Life 2013 – 3.25-4.07

Just chugging along with getting past weeks of my Project Life online. I know I mentioned it before, but I love getting to revisit these pages again in closer detail when I share them.

I mean, I’m not married. I don’t have kids. But getting to revist these layouts makes me see more in my life & know that it isn’t as boring & unimportant, (not all the time), as I think.

“I like boring things.” ― Andy Warhol

Project Life Header

March 25th-31st

This is spring break week in Indiana which means I’m hanging out with my twin cousins. We spent time pulling from boxes old duplicate 4×6 photos of them when they were babies so they could have their own album. We made large letter art for their walls using washi tape. We played Zombie games and yelled at the TV. We did our annual Spring Break photoshoot. We battled it out with monopoly. We played with puppies.

Charlie turned 2 years old this week. My cousin Allie got her driver’s license. Easter happened. I watched HSN when Becky Higgins’ products were aired & I bought the Jade edition. I played more with my Studio Calico Project Life Subscription.


April 1st-7th

April’s here! With it a sick puppy I nursed to health, a fun pool birthday party, the litter of puppies moving to my house to await adoption, my mom & dad going to a formal ball at her university, my new twin cousins are almost here, & a surprise birthday for my uncle.

I did have one technical issue this week with my page protector. You might notice on the left spread, (and the right spread from the week before), that it appears to be 6 vertical 4×6 spots.. that’s just because my Design D page protectors are faulty & the stitching is coming apart on some of them. To help with this, since I still want 3×4 spots, I just used a 4×6 as a base for the 3×4 cards to adhere to either with washi or my tiny attacher.


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