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Project Life 2013 – 4.08-4.21

Project Life 2013 – 4.08-4.21

I’m spending today listening to Becky Higgins on Creative Live in the background as I work.

Am I learning anything? I don’t know about that necessarily since I’ve been following her blog for a while & have have been doing Project Life for almost 2 years now. But I am appreciating so much how she talks & shares such a passion for getting memories into books and enjoying them now even if they aren’t complete or works of art.

The segment makes me want to scrap more!

But of course I don’t have time for that today even though I have a few weeks to catch-up with, so I’ll just share some past weeks again as I catch up on blogging my Project Life journey.

Project Life Header

I noticed as I was photographing these weeks that I still need to go back & add my Avery 2 Inch Index Tabs to all my inserts, but that’s an easy job when I have time.

April 8th-14th

Nothing crazy this week besides getting the puppies cleaned for adoptions, my brother’s birthday, my cousin Candy’s birthday where I made her a Bunny Butt Cake and went to the movies, & my cousins’ Spring Dance.


April 15th-21st

This week was packed with photos ops, but I consciouly tried to use a lot more decorative & journaling cards for the spread this week & just had a lot of photo heavy inserts. I love so many of the Studio Calico Project Life cards that I have and I had a lot to write about this week.

My sister was home for a couple days before her big move to Kansas with the Air Force & she got a new puppy! She’s one that loves when I add her in my books, so of course Lazarus got a big bunch of photos taken for me to include. I don’t know when I’ll next get to see her or him & that means I try to include a lot to make up for the absence.

The HUGE news this week was the birth of my new twin cousins! Since I knew I’d be doing their newborn photos the following week I just had a small insert for now knowing they’d be showcased more fully next week.

Also there were two ball games this week. One for the dogs, “Bark In The Park”, & one with just friends.

The Boston Marathon bombings also happened during this week so I included the inspirational heart-shaped shoe magazine cover in one of my pockets.


I LOVE these weeks!

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