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Leap Day Thoughts

Leap Day Thoughts

I’ve been wanting to get back to this blog, & my website, for quite awhile now. The problem is I’m one of those people that places a lot of arbitrary rules on myself for WHEN & HOW to do it. Does it have to be daily? Do I need themes like #MCM, #TransformationTuesday, etc.? Can I share and write about something old? Does it have to be business related? Can it be business related? Do I have to create some funky graphics? I think if I can’t make it perfect or have an impact or do it “just so” that I shouldn’t try.

Even if I want to.

My One Little Word I’m applying to myself this year is CREATE. I’ll share in a post later what this is meaning for me, & other thoughts; however, for now I’ll say it’s meaning I’m consciously trying to do things just because I want to and giving myself freedom away from some perfectionist idea. If I find it beautiful, meaningful, or joyful I want to pursue it. So I’m painting. I’m scrapbooking. I’m making 1 second videos. I’m playing games. I’m waking up earlier, (& also not staying up until 2am). I’m putting myself out there.

I’m trying.

And I’m not trying to do it all day one, but, instead, progressively adding projects as this year ticks by.


In January I participated in The Lilypad’s Month of Challenges for the 4th year in a row. One of the pages I created was called “Approaching 30” & in it I expressed some fears & doubts & insecurities about where I am in life now with a big milestone birthday coming up. I think it’s fitting to share it here today.

Approaching 30 - digital scrapbook layout by EHStudios using "Shine Basics" by Laurie Ann

Truly I don’t want to always be so hard on myself. So again, I’m trying. CREATING more opportunities to grow & feel positive & productive.

And now here we are, 60 days into the “New Year” and I’m starting my blog up again merely because I want to. I’m coming back to this website with every self-conscious or random thought & every weird, boring, loving, creative, emotional feeling & sharing it all. And allowing myself whatever flexibility I need. Not every post will be a masterpiece, but each will be me.

If you’re reading this, enjoy your extra 24hrs this year! Happy Leap Day!

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