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300 Days To Go…

300 Days To Go…

…if you count today!

There are 300 days left in 2016 if you count today & 300 days left of my “Year of Creative Habits”, Project365 (366 technically), “Make Art Everyday” project challenge.

Last year while getting lost in the beautiful world of Instagram I stumbled upon a couple artists doing paintings every single day: drawriot & erikaleesears. Since my cousins & I had been buying acrylic paints here & there and buying canvases for little projects to do when we’d get together, I thought this might be a fun thing to try when 2016 started. I’m definitely NO ARTIST! in terms of sketching & painting, but one of my cousins, Hanna, definitely was in for trying this with me & we’d encourage eachother. I also convinced my brother to tag along since he does different P365s every year.

Here are my first 66 days of 2016:

EHStudios - Make Art Every Day - Project 366 - Moleskine Planner I’d already decided my word for 2016 would be CREATE. So I watched DrawRiot’s video to see what she was using and purchased for me a Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Extra Small, Black, Hard Cover, for Hanna the: Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Large, Scarlet Red, Hard Cover, & my brother picked a size in between in blue. For me, I knew the small size would be infinitely less intimidating to fill each day!!
EHStudios - Make Art Every Day - Project 366 - Moleskine Planner I LOVE this project & love even more the other artists on Instagram that have been doing this as well! For my pages I sometimes pick something that relates to the day, or I ask family members what I should do, or I search on Pinterest for tutorials or easy paintings to try to copy. Right now I’m still in the learning & playing & not necessarily on the original. I just want to paint every day & make art. If you want to follow along as I go check out my instagram account!
EHStudios - Make Art Every Day - Project 366 - Moleskine Planner

If you have any questions just ask! I will say my favorite, most convenient, art medium right now is watercolor since I have less to get out & less clean up. I’m using the Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush & the Artist’s Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan Set.

Here’s to another 300 days filled with color & learning!!

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