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Approaching 30 | Birthday Ideas

Approaching 30 | Birthday Ideas

These aren’t big bucket-list style things. That’s a whole other animal! I have dreams that stretch continents on that one.

And these aren’t the things I desperately wish I could do or give to those I love. That list is a mile long & I’m woefully inadequate to complete it.

This is just your typical birthday wish list. Like the kind you’d write at Christmas when you were a kid that was filled with mostly superficial, but happy, things.

I’m always one that when people ask what I want I say, “I don’t know” or “nothing”, (even if I do have ideas), so I’m going to be selfish and ‘me me me’ here and hope I won’t be hated for it. If nothing else it’ll be a nice reference to myself of things I’ve come across or would like for when I have the budget.

With that! I’d love to be surprised! I turn 30 this year and to me that’s a big deal. I think birthdays should be a big deal when they can be. And maybe it’s my own insecurities leaking out & not necessarily reality, but I always feel my birthday is an afterthought, (and I jinx myself by going into it with that negative thinking from the start).

The following are a few of my current wants, outside of my usual pick of new movies or tv shows:

Missing My Friends

The biggest thing on my list isn’t a material one. Just a personal one. More than anything I’d love to see all my college friends this year. I made a good dent in seeing many last year, (weddings helped), & it truly meant the world to me. A heart-healing thing. I hate when there are years and years between when we visit and there are a couple that I haven’t seen for 4 years that I hope to this year. Plus the ones I saw last year I didn’t get to spend near enough time with!

Painting With A Twist

Another more experience related wish is a Painting-With-A-Twist class. At the end of last year I invited my Grandma & my cousin Betsy to come with me to paint for my first class. We painted snowmen under a beautiful night sky! I LOVED it! And I’d love to do this again.


Every since I was little I had a thing for office supplies. Ask my mom who typically could be missing pens and pencils and notebooks and index cards and every little thing. This past week I stumbled on MochiThings on Pinterest. After checking their site, which has so many cute things, I found a couple cute office items I’d love: Pieces of Moment Weekly Scheduler & 100 Stories Seize the Day Notebook.


Whether it’s enjoying a game with my brother, my grandma, my dad, my cousins, or friends, I’ve been loving playing more boardgames and card games lately. I have a wish list at Miniature Market & Cool Stuff Inc of ones I’d love that I also think some family members would enjoy. A couple specifics on the list are Steam Park, Seasons, & Dungeon Petz.

Project Life | Everyday Edition by Paislee Press & Currently Edition by One Little Bird

Big on my scrapbooking wants for Project Life are the Everyday Edition by Paislee Press & the Currently Edition by One Little Bird. I’m still crazy far behind in my albums, (I need to catch up from August 2015-Now), but I ADORE both of these designers, both their physical & digital products, & would LOVE to have both of these kits! Too bad Peppermint’s Currently kit has been sold out since it’s release.

A Custom Pet Painting

Last on my list for today, and right up there with seeing friends and going to another painting class, is getting a custom pet painting done of my dog Charlie. The paintings I have pictured above are from Week Day Best & Sit Stay Painted respectively. I love the extremely colorful pet paintings and these artists seem worth every penny for the personality they capture. I would love one of these with my own puppy.

I Want poem by M.K.

Well that’s it. A quick little wish list of things I’m currently wanting.

Currently NEEDING if you count a visit from friends, lol!

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