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Creatively Inspired By Others

Creatively Inspired By Others

I’d been a scrapbooker since I was 13 years old, 1999, around when my twin cousins, Hanna & Savanna, were born. I guess I’ve always had an older soul trapped in my body, (at least that was more the view at that time given the styles & general preconceptions on scrapbooks). I helped my sister with her 4-H scrapbook projects, attended scrapping days at the library, & also had a friend of the family that was a Creative Memories consultant.

But then I went to college, & even with bringing scrapbooks along to my dorm, I didn’t get things out and create. I DID however start to learn to make things in Photoshop, (including freaking my parents out thinking I got a lip ring, HA!!). I found a few online communities that used celebrity photos to make digital art collages or colorize black and white photos. Basically, I had found a digital world I could be a part of as a bit of a creative outlet. Cheesy. But fun. (Even if not the most socially accepted for a college kid.)

After graduating, coming home, & getting my photography studio started, I was randomly googling and stumbled upon “Digital Freebies”, (a site no longer in existence, but through which I branched out to Oscraps & more!). This site was celebrating iNSD, (interNational Scrapbook Day). It looked fun & right up my alley, so I started digital scrapbooking back at the beginning of May 2009. I didn’t fully get immersed in the hobby until I started branching out & truly seeing how big of a community there was for Digital Scrapbooking! By the fall I’d found so many other sites & came across a huge variety of styles and people and designs and inspiration.

I know they say that “comparison is the thief of joy”, and I fully believe that with so many areas in my life, but it also let me push myself and try things and create so so much more. It allowed me to BE INSPIRED and BE INSPIRING. I was asked to join teams and I myself asked to join other teams. (These creative teams are used by a designer to showcase their work in a variety of ways & inspire their customers.) I also started designing (still on hiatus from that!), and I SCRAPPED. A TON! I did challenges. I took classes. I used templates. And I scrap-lifted.

Anyway! This is a long rambling post simply to write about my excitement with the current creative teams I’m a part of. And later on I’ll do some posts to highlight them separately and show my work with their designs, (I also still would love to do posts on the designers I’ve created for in the past and revisit their work if I’ve lost touch).

If you click the two Creative Team images below you’ll go to the respective websites showcasing all the talented women who work with these designers. You’ll find links to all their blogs or galleries or Instagram accounts where they both tell their personal stories and promote these designer’s products. With many you’ll be inspired in more than just scrapbooking.

Sahlin Studio Creative Team

This first team is with Krista of Sahlin Studios. She asked me to join her group just over two years ago and I’m enjoying every bit of working with her unique & classic products. Her team is so intimidating too since they all have such talent in styles that I can’t even hope to touch! And that’s part of the amazing feeling of being on a Creative Team. We get to inspire not only the customers, but each other, to tell our stories and be creative and try new things.

Paislee Press Creative Team

And this next was just announced today! Liz of Paislee Press is taking a chance on me again and invited me back to her fantastic team after her most recent CT Call. If there’s ever a designer’s products that really solidified in the beginning that I’m a digi-scrapper it’s hers. My love of the simple, my love of whitespace, and my love of WORD-ART in particular, started with her designs & with the girls she had on her Creative Team. I’m thrilled to get to come back and hope I can be a little inspiring with my pages as others have been for me!

Last but not least, I’m also a part-time Creative Team scrapper for Lynne-Marie Designs. She’s got a style that just invites you to play and scrap your emotions! With her designs I never know where my pages will take me, but it’s always fun to experience. Some of my favorite photoless pages are with her products!

All three of these designers have their products at The Lilypad so definitely check them out!!

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