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Miss Hanna | Balloon Gender Reveal

Miss Hanna | Balloon Gender Reveal

My beautiful cousin Hanna is 20 weeks along today, but these photos we took two weeks ago.

During her routine checkup in the middle of March she was able to find out the gender of the baby early, and she was so excited to share that I came out the next day with balloons for this photo shoot!

In her own words, “I lay awake at night trying to put my life together, but there’s no such thing. Everything happens for a reason & it so happened to be.. That God blessed me with a little boy at a young age. Times will get rough, but I know when I see that little man’s smile and hold him in my arms.. it’ll be worth it! This is exactly how God planned it for me & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a son that I’ll grow up with me forever and ever!! He’s a bright & shining gift sent from God and his name is… Lucas Nathaniel!! He’s due August 10th!”

Elisa Hubbard Studios, On-Location Photography, Gender Reveal, Balloons

The first batch of photos above she shared first. (As soon as I got home Hanna had me editing so she could post!!) And then the next day, after she knew what she wanted to say, she revealed that she’s been blessed with a son. She was nervous, but I ADORE how truly happy Hanna is in these photos. Her smile just lights up!

I love this girl to the moon & back!

Elisa Hubbard Studios, On-Location Photography, Gender Reveal, Balloons

After Hanna announced her reveal, to her friends & the rest of the family, she & my aunt asked me to make something to highlight the meaning of his name: Lucas Nathaniel. (I used pieces from the digital scrapbooking products “Press Lines No. 10” & “Hey There Handsome” by Paislee Press for this page.)

The meaning of the name Lucas is: luminous, bright, and shining light.

The meaning of the name Nathaniel is: Gift of God; God has given.

Lucas Nathaniel, Name Meaning, Paislee Press

I love you Hanna!

You life is about to get harder, it already is, but I know you! You ARE a strong one. A loving one. A fighter. You will soon have an amazing son to continue your journey with you of finishing school, starting a career, & becoming a responsible adult. You may be young, but I know you are on a path you can thrive in!

And you’ll be a great mom!


  1. Thank you Lisa! It really means a lot ❤️

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