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The Cutest Racer | Southeastern Indiana Photographer

The Cutest Racer | Southeastern Indiana Photographer

February can sometimes be a dreary month in Indiana, but to me it’s always less ‘blah’ when my office is filled with baby chatter, kids laughing, or mother’s telling tales.

And last month was a month made for adorable kids.

One of my favorites was getting to meet this little guy, Evan. I’ve known his uncle since I was in school & his mom since I opened my studio, so I’ve seen him grow up in Facebook photos and in her stories of him. It was a blast to meet him in person & to try and get smiles out of him, and I’m always thankful there aren’t microphones in my office to pick up how goofy I’m sure I sound!

But I love serious kids too, and this 13-month old was perfect for both!

Elisa Hubbard Studios, Child Photography, Studio Photography, Indiana

Some of the photos I definitely knew I wanted to do with Evan were some with a car. His family is one that LOVES racing, so I though not only would a toddling boy want to ride, but also that it would be more personal for them later. Well…He wasn’t the happiest driving, (when we wanted to take the photos that is), but that didn’t mean we didn’t get enough to tell a story. See him laugh. Cry. Seemingly take care of a car. I adore all of his expressions!

Elisa Hubbard Studios, Child Photography, Studio Photography, Indiana

One of my all-time favorite quotes that I feel sums up this session best is, “time spent playing with children is never wasted.” Sessions like these with great kids are perfection for me.

They make my soul happy.


  1. My handsome grandson!

  2. Thanks we loved the pictures you took. They were awesome and you were awesome with Evan too. I highly recommend you

    • I’m so glad you guys loved these pictures! Evan was perfect & I loved photographing him!

      Thank you so so much for this comment too. It means a lot!

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