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12 Days Of Art Journaling

12 Days Of Art Journaling

It’s January now, obviously, and in the digital scrapbooking world that means it’s time for The Month of Challenges @ The Lilypad. This is the 5th year in a row that they’ve done the challenges & I’ve managed to complete every one. Hopefully this year is the same!

Anyway! To gear up for the challenge, & get back in Photoshop creating, I participated in their 12 Days of Art Journaling leading up to Christmas.

Below are the pages I created & their respective challenge, (each is linked to the gallery for credits):

1. You need to use a bird and a tree (or foliage), and a fruit (or any kind of food).

2. You need to have a PAIR, or a COUPLE somewhere prominent on your page.

3. You need to use the colors from a flag (any country’s flag) as your color scheme.

4. You need to use a phone and/or a bird.

5. You need to use a golden page. You can use white, black and golden. No other colors.

6. The theme is family!

7. You need to use water related elements or you could do watercolor.

8. You must use a face of a girl or lady as the main focus.

9. You need to use a couple dancing or music relating theme.

10. Let everyone leap into action. Use a frog or a leaping/hoping animal or it could even be a person as long as they are leaping!

11. Ok, here comes your curved ball…. You must ONLY use 11 elements.

12. I want you to list 12 items that you are looking forward to next year or 12 things that you are glad are going away with 2016.

Happy Scrapping!!

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