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Halloween Snaps v.10

Halloween Snaps v.10

Happy Halloween 2019!

Hello to a now 10 year tradition!!!

I’m so glad I was still able to do these pictures this year for Liberty to keep the tradition alive. I love seeing the familiar faces that I do & also seeing some new! I know the weather was colder than in recent years, but there was still a nice turnout & I hope everyone had fun! Also thank you to everyone for their compliments on my new baby too. I appreciate the love & well wishes for her & I!

In case you might have missed previous year downloads, last year, (and links to previous years), can be found here: Halloween Snaps v.9

The link to the Halloween Snaps 2019 gallery is here:

You just need to click on the image(s) of your children, and if the normal right-clicking on the photo and choosing “download” & “Original” doesn’t work, then you should see a little download icon at the top of the photo, (like in the screen shot above). Click that icon & choose “Original” to download and save to your computer. The site is a little different on the image screen than before. You are also able to order any prints online if you’d like or stop in my studio anytime, (prices online are a few dollars more than in person to cover online costs, so if you want to order it’s best to email or stop in). Otherwise, this is simply my free gift to you to download and I hope you had a great Halloween night.

Now onto some favorites!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!

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