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One Of A Kind | iNSD 2022

One Of A Kind | iNSD 2022

First, HI! Long time no see here on the blog! I’m so sorry for neglecting this little space on the web, so forgive any dust or cobwebs you see around here, but I just had to post today because I’m freaking excited to share that I HAVE A DESIGNER COLLABORATION WITH DESIGNED BY SOCO!!

iNSD, International Scrapbooking Day, marks the anniversary of when I found digital scrapbooking. It was 2009 and my first full year out of school & it was everything my creative heart wanted! Fast forward to the end of that year & I began designing as well! That period of time as a designer was put on pause, and has been on pause, since iNSD 2013, a.k.a. way too long ago now!! The designer itch wouldn’t leave me though, it was just my fears & insecurities and now being a mom to two beautiful girls that kept me from leaping a little. But that leads me here. To today.

I messaged Soco, a scraping friend that I’ve basically known my whole time of digi, a designer I scrap with frequently as I’m a Polly at The Lilypad, & also a former CT member of mine. I knew we had a connection that my self-doubts could bounce my idea off of & I’d get a warm welcome. I asked to either have her talk me out of my crazy idea to dip my toes back in to designing, OR collaborate with me knowing that I’m not selling in a store currently & I think I’m rather rusty, lol!

She said yes!

And so One Of A Kind was started!

I was painting with my 2yr old & entered a peacock color space & that took me down the rabbit hole of symbolisms of peacocks. When I told all this to Soco she landed us to the title of our collaboration & the kit flowed from there! A 2yr old, some courage, and the sweetest digital designer I know, led to this gorgeous & PACKED collaboration!

Because it’s iNSD weekend, and sales are the name of the game, we bundled this up with journal cards & listed it OVER 50% off for this weekend only! The kit, the papers, the elements, & the cards can all be purchased separately of course for 40% off, but the best deal is the bundle! Everything you see for $6.00 this weekend! I’m dipping my toes into designing again & I’m so nervous & thrilled to see if you all love this as much as I do! Here’s the full collection!

Tonight I’ll share the layouts I created myself & later this weekend I’ll give you all a preview of what Soco’s team & the other Pollys created with our collection. I told Soco I forgot how much I truly love seeing what other people do with my designs. I was in tears when she shared the first CT pages with me!

Anyway! Here are the 4 new layouts I created as soon as we bundled up this kit since I was too excited NOT to scrap! 3 of them use new templates by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs that she has bundled up for iNSD as well! So please check her out too!

Happy iNSD if you find my little place on the web!

Happy shopping & scrapping & inspiration grabbing!

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