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One Of A Kind | Inspiration | iNSD 2022

One Of A Kind | Inspiration | iNSD 2022

For those curious, the symbolism for a peacock:

  • Vibrancy
  • Renewal
  • Self-Love
  • Confidence
  • Unique
  • Beauty

This is what we started with to get ideas flowing into what became our collaboration kit “One Of A Kind”. And when the pages started coming in from Soco‘s Creative Team & The Polly’s at The Lilypad, I felt each of those words even more on my heart. I miss designing. I wish I were a confident person or didn’t always have so many worried thoughts about what other’s think, but just seeing these pages touched me & helped those doubts fade just a little bit. I LOVE how this kit came together!

Remember! ♥ Only during the iNSD weekend, you can grab the entire collection for just $6, so don’t wait more to add it to your cart!!!

I promised yesterday to give you more inspiration today, so here are a few of the pages that other’s created with “One Of A Kind”. There are so many that I just grabbed a few to share here! But please check out the Designed By Soco gallery at The Lilypad or Soco’s Blog to see more! I saw an INCREDIBLE peacock feather design by mywisecrafts using our collaboration too when I was on Instagram!

I even created one more myself because just a tiny YES meant so much to me. It really helps to hear from others that you matter & are inspiring them too. It gives an instant motivation boost! I HAD to create more! My girls are pretty inspiring too!

Happy iNSD again! I hope the creativity is flowing just a little bit if you are a scrappy soul!

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