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About Me

Simply Stated: I’m a 2004 graduate of Union County High School & a 2008 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, owner of my own photography studio that opened February 2009, & a digital scrapbooking designer since November 2009, (though currently on break). When not working I love spending time with family or just hanging out with my dog, Charlie.

Welcome to, aka the new hub for my presence on the web & currently housing my photography & design blogs, random thoughts, activities, and a collection of sites of which I have in a small part contributed.

I’m never one that likes to talk about myself, so for now I’ll keep it brief.

First, you’ll see around the site that my name is Elisa. Since it’s hardly ever pronounced correctly I go by Lisa around here. Don’t worry though if we meet in public, I answer to almost any variation on my name & have learned to not be so picky.

I’m a self-employed business woman in my tiny hometown of Liberty, Indiana & have been in my current location since February 15th of 2009. For the Photography side of my business I always encourage anyone around town to stop in & see all the changes we’ve made to the building and to look at the images that I have on display.

I’ve always loved art since I was a little kid and knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Photography is where this dream came alive. It may seem silly, but my love for photography began when I was in middle school, and I knew this is what I wanted to do in life since my twin cousins were born in 1999. My web design passion started my freshman year of college & while I’m predominately self-taught in web creation & design, I did take courses directly related to the field while at RIT. My third passion, digital scrapbooking, started in May of 2009 & I’ve found it’s helped with the other aspects of my work too.

Feel free to contact me, or stop in my studio anytime, if you want to know more.